Explore the wacky & unique world of Tokyo, Japan!

First things first: Release your inner child and explore the magical Tokyo Disneyland, it’ll make you feel like a kid in a candy story – major nostalgic vibes!

Enjoy afternoon Tea with a difference! The Owl Cafe in Akihabara is a relaxing & unique experience where you can enjoy tranquil Japanese tea while joined by real life Owl’s in a safe & calm environment.

For some unique shopping brands & wacky fashion visit BEAMS Japan. It’s six floors of fabulousness where you’ll find a massive range of the latest styles & trends. Looking for something even more unique? Dover Street Market Ginza has spectacular brands & one-off pieces for the high-end fashionista in you!

When we said Japan can get wacky, we meant it! The Ninja Akasaka Restaurant stands by its name as the dining experience involves a number of odd events. Firstly, the waiters are dressed as ninjas who usher you in to an “ancient castle” where you discover the hidden secrets of Japanese cuisine. The rest really needs to be experienced first-hand…


Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Why not enjoy a 20cm high ice cream cone consisting of eight layers of pure induldge – at Daily Chiko. Calories don’t count on holidays!


DJ Bar Bridge is one of Tokyo’s latest urban club hot spots – with reasonably priced drinks and trendy EDM beats, located on the top floor of an inner city office building with unreal views.

Visit the Whales of August bar – dedicated to making delicious cocktails purely inspired by movie titles, from the Titanic to Forrest Gump – the list is endless… Give the bartender a title of the movie, and if he has seen it, he’ll make a cocktail based on its inspiration!

TY Harbor is a riverside brewery where you can enjoy some lovely food & ale by the water.

Visit the street of Nonbei Yokocho meaning “Drunard’s Valley” where you’ll be exploring boutique bars with unusual drinks to keep you entertained for hours!

Tokyo is one quirky place: Here’s a list of 35 unusual things to see and do: Only in Tokyo

  • Our top picks are the Alice in Wonderland themed Restaurant, an exceptionally well-decorated Vampire Café & Vowz (a Bar owned and served by Buddhist Monks)


If none of this particularly tickles your fancy – then here’s another list of inspo for your Tokyo trip:


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