After you’ve explored the popular spots and taken your perfect Insta pic in front of the Eiffel Tower – here’s some other not-so-touristy things to enjoy in beautiful Paree.

Visit Le Marais: a vibrant, young & cultured area, with a growing LGBT community. Full of historic cafes & trendy boutiques, you’ll explore diverse culture around every corner. Next ,head over to the most incredible royal mansion and grounds, Palace of Versailles. Stroll through the extravagant rooms and gardens & imagine you are the queen of France – or the world, let’s be real. In Paris, they call happy hour “After works”, and they sure know how to get their drink on. Champs-Elyées has super cool bars & clubs within walking distance of each other so grab the gals (or boys) and make a night of it!

How about the classic food tour? French markets like the Saxe Breteuil Market provide an unlimited choice of indulgent foods – divine meats, cheese, wine & bread… ‘nuff said. We get that not everyone can splurge on fine dining… so why not have a lovely picnic by the Seine. Grab some baguettes from the local bakery, stroll down to the Ill de la cite and watch the locals in their natural habitat. The Moulin Rouge Show. It’s just a must. Did you even go to Paris if you didn’t see this show…?

 Into super old creepy stuff? Then the Paris Catacombs will be your jam… These are underground historic caves from the olden (OLDEN) days where you can literally see walls of skulls. Yep, creepy.

Enjoy an ultimate shopping adventure in the Grand Boulevard – from Dior to H&M, it’s all fabulous. Or maybe just have a no-plan day: Wake up and go for a wonder – see where the city takes you…


Check out some free entertainment events (especially in the Summer months): Free Events

TRAVELCAT TIP: For day trips & popular events make sure to online book in advance – waiting in line for hours is not ideal…

Here’s some more websites to check out!



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