Basically, everywhere you go in the Mediterranean, there will be beauty as far as the eye can see. When planning a trip, it can get a little overwhelming with all this choice. So here’s a little list of must-see sights that will help your holiday itinerary!

Mykonos nightlife – alley way upon alley way of cool urban bars & dance clubs where you’ll join the locals dancing until the day break. Mykonos Little Venice is a breath of fresh air from all the crazy partying with its charming seaside cafes and quiet neighbourhood streets

Santorini – arguably the most picturesque place in the world with its whitewashed houses against the aqua blue sea is simply stunning and will ensure you get a perfect Insta-worthy pic.

Beach goers listen up! The Beaches of Crete are your dream come true. With crystal blue water and incredible hidden caves, you’ll be exploring for hours on end.

Of course, you’ll want to feast on Greek’s best produce. Our top picks for a fabulous meal: Metaxy Mas Tavern, Remvi Restaurant (awesome views), for a more relaxed meal try the Corner in Santorini or in Athens you can enjoy a wonderful “Dinner in the sky” experience with beautiful views of the water.

And lastly, this part of the world has some the oldest known man-made buildings & ancient temples – so you’ve really got to check out the Tourlitis Lighthouse & the Athenian Agora. It’s super ancient but cool to think there were people just like you walking the same path almost 3000 years ago.

Here’s some more cool & unusual things to do in spectacular Greece:

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