We've got people who work on the inside, sending us flight deals before anyone else. We then forward these deals straight to you via email, so you can save the big bucks!
We make sure you find out about the flight deals first, before anyone else. This gives you an advantage to book these deals before they run out! We also don't take any commission so we can offer even lower prices.
You can sign up for free, and start receiving deals right away. But this will only be a third of the deals available. As a premium member (only $12 per month) you will receive 100% of the deals - it's worth it. Not only this - you will get better locations, better prices, and now profits from your membership will go towards helping charities worldwide.
It basically costs you nothing and if you book only 1 flight per year, the saving you make on that flight will mean your membership was worth it.
On average, our premium members (only $12 per month) will be sent 30-40 deals per month. We'll only send you the best ones, so we aren't spamming your inbox.
Only very few are last minute. Most deals will give you the freedom to book up to 9 months in advance.
Currently we service the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.
100% Secure. All payments are processed by Stripe, the same credit card processor used by large companies like Twitter. We also don't keep any of your personal information on file.
Currently, yes. These are the deals that will not only offer the biggest savings, but also give you the chance to experience a place completely new and full of wonder!
Sometimes the emails go to the 'junk' or 'spam' mail folder initially. Check there and move us into you inbox or mark as as 'not spam'.
Yes, it's free to cancel. Just send an email to support@travelcatflights.com. Cancellations can take up to 7 business days to process.
Send us an email at support@travelcatflights.com, we'd be happy to chat!